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LM series vertical roller mill is widely absorb advanced technology on the basis of internationally renowned company, combined with our thirty years of experience in production milling equipment, a set of design and development of crushing, grinding, separator, drying, material handling and other five functions in an integrated large-scale grinding equipment, a process focus, small footprint, low investment, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and many other features. LM series vertical roller mill into mine mill, coal mill, three types of hard grind.Ore mill is suitable for cement industry raw materials industry; Vertical roller mill can be widely used in coal preparation cement, power, steel, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry; Difficult for steel mill, grinding ironworks slag, slag, cement clinker and also applies to other chemical raw materials.

Driven by the main motor reducer rotating disc, while the hot air from the inlet into the body of the mill stand, the material falls under the spout from the central disc and move under the action of centrifugal force evenly from the center to the edge of the disc after disc of the vertical roller mill when the region, by the rolling mill rolls, bulk material directly crushed, squeezed after the formation of fine material bed intergranular crushed material. Crushed material to the disc edge continues to move until it is taken away by a strong air flow at the air ring, while the larger particulate material to fall again on the disc to continue pulverization, the gas stream through the upper portion of the separator material, the rotor blade under the action back on the disc coarse grinding, qualified powder together with the air out of the grinding, is collected and discharged is finished powder powder collector system. When mixed with iron materials and other debris with material movement to the edge of the disc, due to its heavy weight fell to vertical roller mill lower chamber, and mounted on the bottom of the disc scraper plate scraped into the slag discharge port outside the machine.

Vertical roller mill based on the location of conditioning tower and dust, there are two different layout scheme, namely three fan system and dual fan system. Product was collected using a cyclone dust collector. This arrangement can reduce the operating vacuum system and the amount of gas through the precipitator. Electric dust collector can also be used as a final bag filter dust removal equipment; dust collection equipment can be used in electrostatic precipitator or bag filter, the grinding of the gas directly into the dust collector, the system reduces the number of equipment units simplify the system configuration.

Vertical Roller Mill Advantage

  • 1. High grinding efficiency, low running costs.
  • LM vertical roller mill grinding material layer principle grinding materials, low energy consumption, grinding system power consumption 20 to 30 percent lower than the ball, and with the increase in raw water, the energy-saving effect is more significant. Grinding wear a small, high utilization. Since the process of vertical roller mill operation there is no direct contact between the metal members, so the small grinding bodies wear, abrasion per unit of product is generally 5 to 10 grams / ton, small metal contamination of the product. Grinding roller sleeve can be used upside down, to prolong life and reduce production costs.

  • 2. The construction, low investment costs.
  • Set vertical roller mill crushing, drying, grinding, separator, transportation as one set of vertical roller mill crushing, drying, grinding, separator, conveyor for one, do not need another set drying, separator, lifting, etc. equipment, the grinding dust and gas can be collected directly by the high concentration of bag filter or electrostatic precipitator, compact layout, the process is simple, open layout, floor area of approximately 70% of the milling system, building space of approximately milling system 50 to 60%, small footprint and footprint, low construction costs. The grinding dust and gas can be collected directly by the high concentration of bag filter or electrostatic precipitator, compact layout, the process is simple, open layout, floor area of approximately 70% of the milling system, building space of about 50 milling system ~ 60%, small footprint and footprint, low construction costs.

  • 3. Run a simple, reliable, easy operation and maintenance.
  • Equipped with oil lubrication station, roller bearing thin oil circulation lubrication, bearings ensure pure oil in low temperature conditions and conditions of work, extend the life of the machine, so that the system is running continuously reliable equipment operation. Equipped with an automatic control system, which enables remote control, easy to operate. Equipped with roller cover and disc liner to prevent direct contact with the stopper mechanism, to avoid friction and collision between the metal and the emergence of disruptive vibrations, increased security. Unique hydraulic system, through the maintenance tank, turn rotating arm, with automatic lift rolls off the roll capabilities, enabling load start. By means of turning roller device can be dug out the vertical roller mill, the roller sleeve, linings can be replaced in a very short time and maintenance. In addition, the hydraulic system operating pressure is low, reducing the failure rate of the oil spill, is conducive to the operation and management, but also increases the pressure on the hydraulic system balancing device, effectively reducing the vibration mill.

  • 4. Equipment drying ability, extensive grinding materials.
  • LM vertical roller mill uses hot air transportation of materials in the water when grinding materials with large inlet air temperature can be controlled so that products meet the requirements of the final moisture. Drying in the vertical roller mill can grind materials into the water up to 15%, and a wide range of applications, even in dry milling, drying water for only 3-4% of the material.

  • 5. Product quality is stable, uniform particle size distribution.
  • The material in the vertical roller mill residence time of only 2 to 3 minutes, and will have in a ball mill for 15 to 20 minutes. So vertical roller mill producing products of chemical composition and fineness can be quickly determined, corrected, and stable quality.

  • 6. Equipment environmental protection, low noise, low dust, clean operating environment.
  • LM vertical roller mill grinding roller and the disc is not in direct contact with at work, no ball mill balls collide with each other, the ball hit the metal liner crash, so little noise, lower than the ball 20 to 25 decibels. In addition, vertical mill fully sealed system, the system operates under negative pressure, no dust, clean environment.

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