LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical roller mill works: left and right ends of the roller are connected with the left and right cylinder rod, telescopic hydraulic cylinder piston rod to control the movements of the vertical roller mill. In the grinding process, on the one hand by the hydraulic system to provide enough pressure grinding roll; the other disc rotary motion, roller rotation in the role of the abrasive, the rotational movement of the disc is by the motor via a belt drive to achieve. The disc material due to centrifugal force to move the disc periphery into the vertical roller mill, the material being crushed under the pressure roller and the shearing action.

Multiple separator structure to meet a wide range according to the vertical roller mill LUM Li different materials, different fineness requirements, use the above form two structures separator. Meanwhile separator (separator) are used frequency control, and therefore uniform particle size distribution, product fineness is easy to adjust. Good work LUM vertical roller mill equipment noise environmental effects, after grinding products through advanced air box pulse dust collector filter, dust emission concentrations well below the national environmental regulations. (Export dust content (30mg / Nm) Hydraulics proven easy maintenance stand mill hydraulic control system and control the force applied, with the grindability of the material automatically adjusts to changes in pressure, so that thevertical roller mill's mill always maintain the best condition, both reduce the consumption of wasted effort, but also extend the roller sleeve, lining life. lubrication station transmission lubrication system is an important guarantee to run, which is responsible for the roller gear and lubrication, lubrication system uses independent petrol stations, and automatic protection system oil pressure, oil temperature, so that a full device safe and reliable.

Advantage of LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

  • 1, good production of environmentally friendly conditions. vertical roller mill stand entire milling processes are carried out in a confined space of. It is the biggest difference between traditional Raymond machines that produce negative rather than a positive pressure air dust production, thus effectively eliminate the dust caused by the milling process linen.
  • 2, reliable stability and efficient performance. Vertical roller mill is mainly used in the domestic coal, calcium carbonate and other minerals processing, mature production technology. Failure rate in the production process, equipment running in good condition can reach more than 98%, and high productivity.
  • 3, low labor costs. Vertical milling machine(vertical roller mill) high efficiency, high degree of automation, require less operator; and high reliability, good stability, general maintenance of small, does not require a lot of maintenance workers, and thus relatively low labor costs.
  • 4, material consumption, low energy consumption. Superfine vertical roller mill high reliability, good stability, directly reduce the maintenance, repair capacity, and thus directly reduce maintenance expenses material costs. Under normal conditions of production, the most direct vertical roller mill is grinding roller maintenance materials costs, and so easy to wear pieces of disc replacement and maintenance. But the roller sleeve wear to a certain extent, it can be turned face reused to extend the life cycle of the roller sleeve.

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